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After a  critical incident  the wish to deny that it happened is as strong as the will to talk about it.   The following will help speed recovery:Talk to your supervisor about the possibility of a Critical Incident Debriefing session.
Physical Exercise

*Within the first 24-48 hour periods of appropriate physical exercise, alternated

with relaxation will alleviate some of the
physical reactions.

Structure your time - keep busy.

Maintain as normal a schedule as possible.

Maintaining a good diet, sleep and exercise

Get plenty of rest.

Be aware of numbing the pain.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine as much
as possible.

Don't make any big life changes

You don't need to complicate this with a substance abuse problem.

Talk about the incident with people whom you
trust, especially those who have experienced the  event. They may have similar feelings and
reactions  Let your family and friends share in
your journey.  Their support can help you.

Balance self-isolation with the companionship of  others

Help your co-workers as much as possible by
sharing feelings and checking out how they are

Avoid situations that will promote further stress

Give yourself permission to feel rotten and share your feeling s with others.

Keep a journal
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