Common Physical Reactions

*A feeling of numbness and fatigue
*Weakness or dizziness
*Increased blood pressure
*Increased heart rate
*Chest pain
*Shortness of breath, dry mouth
*Nausea and upset stomach
*Sweating or chills, clammy skin
*Tremors of hands, lips and eyes
*Visual difficulties
*Muscle aches and headaches
*Grinding of the teeth
*Change in eating habits
Why Questions

Don't refuse to face the philosophical questions concerning why or why not this event took place. You may find it helpful to talk to a spiritual caregiver.
Symptoms of Trauma
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Emotional Changes May Include:

*Guilt for what we did or did not do
*Anger about what happened
*Fear and worry about the impact of the event
*Sadness and grief (depression)
*A sense of detachment and abandonment
*Feeling lost (isolated)
*Feeling numb
*Feeling powerless
*Feeling as though you are losing control
Spiritual Changes May Include:

*Anger at God
*Questioning of basic beliefs
*Withdrawal from place of worship
*Faith practices and rituals seem empty
*Loss of meaning and purpose
*Characteristic religious involvement
*Sense of isolation from God
*Anger at clergy etc.
If symptoms are prolonged, seek medical intervention